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Your Land Buying Experts

We are the simple and convenient solution to selling your property for quick cash.


We're Seasoned Investors Interested in Purchasing Your Land!

All our property acquisitions are done giving the utmost attention to the property owner and their unique situation. Our business model was crafted with you in mind! Focused on creating the best customer experience.

Learn about who we are and what we do.

Our refined acquisition process is extremely simple and straightforward. We handle all the paperwork and fees.

We use current market data to derive a mutually beneficial offer price for your property.

About Us


Our Investors Are Experienced

The team at Acuity Land Group has been investing in real estate since 2016, focusing solely on land investments since 2017. Since expanding our investment domain to include vacant lots and acreage, we have successfully completed hundreds of transactions. Our current business model is purchasing raw unimproved land for immediate resale.

We've realized many vacant land owners forcing themselves to cope with unwanted property:

  • Tired of paying property taxes and HOA fees

  • Tired of paying loan or mortgage payments

  • Inherited property and ownership issues

  • Simply not using land and have no need for it


We've seized the opportunity to help land owners dealing with these situations by giving them cash in exchange for their burdensome properties.

How It Works

How It Works

Quiet Forest

Step 1

We Sign a Contract

The second page of our mailings contains a contract, detailing the terms of our purchase. If  you’re interested in selling your property to us, please sign the enclosed contract and return it to us (scan and email, fax, or mail). Once we’ve received your signed agreement we begin a more thorough due diligence pertaining to your property's physical aspects. If your property unfortunately doesn't meet our internal requirements, we reserve the right to terminate the contract. If your property does pass our first internal due diligence, we’ll move forward to Step 2.

Step 2

Local Title Company

If your property passes our internal due diligence in Step 1, we’ll send the contract to a reputable title company local to the property. This title company will then proceed with title research, to confirm legal ownership and check for outstanding liens or other encumbrances. If issues are discovered, we'll work with you and the title company to resolve them in a mutual fashion. If for some reason these issues cannot be resolved, unfortunately, we reserve the right to terminate the contract. If no issues are found, or outstanding issues are resolved, we'll move on to Step 3.

Step 3

You Get Paid!

It's time to close our deal!


The title company will prepare documentation for both you as the Seller and us as the Buyer to sign. This documentation can either be signed at their local office or remotely in front of a notary public.


Once the title company receives the signed and notarized documentation from both you as the Seller and us as the Buyer, they'll disburse your money to you via either cashier's check or wire transfer. 

Our Pricing

Our Pricing

We use current and historic market data local to the property in question to determine an offer price. Please note our offer prices may not be full current market value for your property. It’s a price that we're confident in offering you, taking into account our business model and current market conditions. We’re hoping it works for you! 

If not, you're welcome to give us a call. We're always open to negotiation!



11152 Westheimer Rd #648

Houston, TX 77042

(832) 827-3285 (SMS)

281-407-7593 (Fax)

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